Mount Kinabalu – highest peak of South East Asia

Towering majestically at 4095 m above sea level, Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain between the Himalayas and New Guinea. Without doubt the mountain is also the most outstanding geographic landmark of Borneo Island and we stand in awe when we first arrive at the […]

Inle Lake in a nutshell

The Inle Lake in the heart of Shan State, Myanmar, immediately casts its spell on any observer: Small longboats with fishermen float over calm waters, thatched cottages line up on the lake shore and grey looming shapes of distant mountains decorate the horizon. If Marty […]

Kengtung – a most Shan city

Tucked away in the far east of Shan State of Myanmar, the provincial town Kengtung (pronounced “Chengdong”) is set against a green mountain backdrop. Due to its cultural diverse surroundings the city makes a good base for hiking trips into the countryside. “Shan” is a […]