About us

Hi, we are Maria and Christian! We are passionate travelers, love photography and adore good food. In 2015, we left our jobs for a one year world trip and are excited about exploring new countries and cultures.

We started our trip on the 1st of September 2015 from Berlin by car with our old Toyota Corolla and traveled through Eastern Europe and Turkey to Georgia. There we sold our car and continued with our backpacks through Aserbaidschan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan. After a short detour via Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we traveled through South East Asia. Afterwards we continued to Australia, Tahiti and South America.

Currently, we live in the beautiful city of Hamburg, Germany. We enjoy being Europeans and are exploring nature and culture on many short and longer trips through our diverse home continent.

We want to share our experiences with you, compile our favorite places to go to and help you to turn your next journeys into exciting adventures!

Please follow us, mail us, comment on our posts and tweet us! Also if you are in the same area and would like to meet with us, please let us know!